C-1 INNER SKIRT, LEFT 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962

  • Brand new fiberglass to factory specs and locations
  • No need to pay for the repair of 50 year old fiberglass (seam lines, fractured glass, no SMC glass to polyester bonding)
  • Minimal body work required saving time and money
  • Simple enough to complete in your garage or with your body shop
  • Hand laid fiberglass for a stronger, more durable, quality product
  • Gray gel coat finish is perfect to sand, seal, and paint

All parts are engineered and made by experienced craftsman who pay close attention to detail. These men and women take pride in the products they build to ensure this sleek, detailed Corvette part complements your vehicle’s inner design, giving it that outstanding look every Corvette owner craves.

The hand laid fiberglass Corvette is strong and durable. Each Stinger Fiberglass mold has been painstakingly reproduced from the original GM body parts and has heavy reinforcements to ensure consistent quality and a superior fit. They are NOT built using a chopper gun as with cheaper imitations. Hand lamination is used to make every part here at Stinger Fiberglass. The gray gel coat finish is perfect to sand, seal and paint which means minimal prep time.

At Stinger Fiberglass Designs we make fiberglass products for the classic car enthusiast and we use superior materials. Whether you are searching for something unique compared to other vehicles, or sticking with the classic factory look, the choice is yours.

Ships via freight carrier to your business or residence or you can pick up your order at our facility in Florida.


NOTE:  Fiberglass panels require fitting, trimming, shimming, and special finishing.  Unless you are experienced in working with fiberglass, we recommend using a qualified body shop.  Additional time to manufacture this kit is needed.  Call us for a freight and time quote.  

Additional information

Shipping Weight 30 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 71 × 27 × 19 in





1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962

* All dimensions and weights are shipping values, actual size and weight will be lower than displayed values.

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